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You can register an interest with no commitment. We just need some idea of numbers. Please send your address, post code and landline phone number to David Williams (*Lower Penn Residents only *

The County Council are promoting the Gigabit Broardband Scheme in parts of Lower Penn. They are offering to topup and assist with the costs of engaging a supplier to get full fibre broardband to your premises. We have started by forming a “Community Project” and invite everyone to put their names forward. There is no commitment at this stage, we just need as many people to join the project to see where it leads.

The CC are offering £2000 for homes or Small Businesses with the UK Government is offering £1500 per home or £3500 for small Businesses. That gives totals of £3500 for homes and £5500 for Small Businesses. The project is in early stages but please look at this link: do you qualify?

1. Premises must be in rural areas

2. Available broadband speeds must be less than 100 Megabits per second (andnot gigabit-capable)

3. You must be part of a group project (two or more premises)

This has been started so please send your address, post code and landline phone number to David Williams ( There is no cost to register your interest and if our contributions is too high for any individual then you may withdraw your interest at any time. A gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that will benefit you into the future. Full fibre is optic fibre cable connected all the way to your premises that is capable of delivering gigabit-capable broadband speed.Gigabit-capable means that the connection can handle speeds of 1,000 Megabits per second but you only sign up to speeds you can afford. As your demand increases, you can pay for more speed.

Staffordshire – Gigabit Vouchers

GIGABITVOUCHER.CULTURE.GOV.UKStaffordshire – Gigabit VouchersRural residents and small to medium-sized businesses (SME) in Staffordshire can now benefit from the fastest and most reliable broadband connectivity if they choose a gigabit-capable service as part of a group project.

Directory of useful contacts

Lower Penn Parish Council – 01902 332289

LPPC Community Speed Watch –

Victory Hall Bookings –

South Staffordshire District Council

Anti-Social Behaviour – 01902 696229

Benefits – 01902 696668

Building Control – 01902 696440

Council Tax – 01902 696664

Disabled Facilities – 0300 111 8010

Environmental Crime – 01902 696200

Environmental Protection – 01902 696000

Fly Tipping – 01902 696000

Health and Safety – 01902 696220

Highways, flooding – 0300 111 8000

myStaffs – report online

Out of hours emergencies – 01384 679027

Planning Enforcement – 01902 696200

SSDC Customer Services – 01902 696000

Trees and Hedges – 01902 696000

Waste and Recycling – 01902 696203

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Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Smart Alert