Lower Penn Climate Action Group

Lower Penn Climate Action Group is a sub-committee of the Parish Council. It has been set up to address the causes and impacts of climate change on a local level and to share information with the residents of Lower Penn.

Tree Planting Initiative – March 2022

Woods and trees are vital. They lock up carbon to fight climate change, improve our wellbeing, reduce pollution and flooding, and support numerous species of wildlife. 

Sadly, woodland cover in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe at only 13% compared with 37% across the continent. Tree planting is a vital part of tackling climate change as trees store carbon as they grow. 

Lower Penn Parish Council and our Climate Action Group are committed to doing our bit to increase woodland cover and in doing so restore biodiversity and create beautiful spaces that allow both people and wildlife to thrive. 

In March, we worked with Forest of Mercia CIC to revitalise the recreational field on Castlecroft Road owned by the Parish. The goal is to transform it into a haven for wildlife by planting native trees. We hope this space will become a beautiful oasis that is full of life, and enriches the local area by increasing biodiversity as well as being a tranquil space to spend time in nature on your doorstep. These trees as they grow, will contribute to achieving the carbon reductions we need, to maintain a stable climate for generations to come.

The Forest of Mercia CIC team and volunteers planted native trees to enhance this area.